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According to a study done by McKinsey and Company, only 50% of youth today believe education actually increases their chance at getting a job.

One major problem is that schools and businesses are not collaborating. Two thirds of employers are not in touch with educational institutions. And vice versa. 70% of educators believe the students they are graduating are ready for work. Less than half of the students or the employers agree.

So—what would happen if universities and businesses got together?

By bridging the gap between academia and industry something really special happens. Students start seeing concepts and theory in real-life, practical terms. They become more engaged. They retain more information. And, they become more motivated and curious about the world around them.

With over 25 years of business experience and 5 years in the academic world, I understand the needs of employers (critical thinking, interpersonal skills, leadership, communication, initiative, etc.) while at the same time, I recognise the theoretical skills required to enable young adults to be employable.

It’s this confluence of worlds that I bring to the classroom. I provide students with real-world experiences, business environment mirroring, experiential training, self-educating techniques, and problem solving exercises so that they can see how their classroom experience will pay off once they graduate.

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Stimulating critical thinking

I base my teaching on the belief that the only way to learn is to do. While the process of reading examples and proofs in textbooks and from lecture notes is valuable, the real learning comes through one’s own efforts at solving problems. This is achieved mostly through class assignments, but also through in class discussions and exercises. I view my role as a facilitator for this process…

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