Lecture Services

Lecture Services

As a higher education lecturer, I teach academic and vocational subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students aged 18 upwards. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical demonstrations, fieldwork and e-learning using a multimedia approach.

Services offered include:

• Delivering lectures, seminars and tutorials;
• Developing and implementing new methods of teaching;
• Designing, preparing and developing teaching materials;
• Assessing students’ coursework;
• Setting and marking examinations;
• Supporting students through a pastoral or advisory role;
• Supervising students’ research activities;
• Developing and administering continuous professional development (CPD) and participating in staff training activities;
• Coach and evaluate students through the problem exploration, planning, research & development stages of their bachelor thesis
• Guide & mentor communications students through their internship program


• The ability to sustain an interest in, and enthusiasm for, the specialist topic area and to impart this to students and peers;
• A capacity for original thought;
• Expertise in….;
• The potential to expand knowledge in order to teach a broad curriculum;
• Excellent oral and written communication skills;
• Confidence in dealing with a range of people;
• The ability to organise workload within competing demands;
• The capability to work both independently and as part of a team;
• Excellent analytical skills;
• Commitment to the profession and continuing professional development (CPD);
• A flexible approach to work;
• Good IT skills.

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