Marketing Services

Marketing Services

As a marketing consultant who lectures frequently at universities, I understand the communication challenges of this industry. My primary objective is to help you build and improve your business. I have the experience and insight to determine the needs of your university and students, plan and execute processes to align those needs, and ultimately help you attract, engage and convert more prospects into students.

I work from a simple and proven attract, engage, and convert marketing model which empowers your university to connect with prospects in a meaningful way, through customer-centric content that is easy to find, consume, and share.

Attract students by delivering relevant information

If content can be searched or shared, it can be optimized to help students more easily discover the information they seek to guide their decisions.

One of the most effective ways to attract new brand fans is to be likeable.  Students and consumers purchase from people they like and brands they trust.  I’ll help you to consistently add value for your target audience through relevant information, interesting and creative content, and insight into best practices, news that affects your customers, and thought or conversation provoking commentary.

Engage students, fans, friends & followers

Engagement is a critical element of your online marketing strategy. What can you do to keep students engaged and talking about you?  The first step is getting in tune with the topics and types of information that will hold their interest. Your brand content must be relevant, timely, and optimized for social sharing in order to engage students.  I’ll help you to anticipate student needs and get in front of them across channels and platforms, with the right content to influence their decisions and inspire them to take action at that specific point in their journey.

Convert students into customers & brand advocates

Chances are, potential students receive many touches from your brand – either directly from you, or via their network – before actually making the decision to complete your desired action.  Once we’ve attracted the right audience to your brand and engaged them by anticipating and answering their needs, we offer the information and value that will help them finalize their purchasing decision.